ANLAGEN: THE POWER TO BECOME: Towards a new form of schooling

an·la·ge also An·la·ge (änläg)
n. pl. an·la·ges or an·la·gen (-gn)
1. Biology The initial clustering of embryonic cells from which a part or an organ develops; primordium.
2. A genetic predisposition to a given trait or personality characteristic.
3. A fundamental principle; the foundation for a future development.

The power to become yourself; your complete self of mind, body heart and soul.
Allow yourself to learn, have confidence in yourself and your capacities. Remove the “stories” you create to avoid confronting this reality.
Learn to listen, drop your prejudices and expectations; remove judgement.
Become absorbed in process and the present moment.
Confront and except difficulty as the path to satisfaction.
Create structures that help advancement, but remain flexible: do not mistake structure for absolutes.

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