“That’ll teach you…”

Let us give up this idea of teaching; you can’t teach anybody anything; people learn and they learn by their own effort, when they are ready, not before.
Now, you can enthuse, inspire; provide road maps of interesting places to go and itineraries of how to get there. You can wipe noses and massage tired feet on the journey; provide picnics and campfire singsongs. You can set up staging houses along the way; places to visit and you can set the discipline to keep students going when they would rather sit down and play video games where they are.
You can even give them piggyback rides, or bundle them into buses and physically take them to the destination – but eventually they have to get there again by themselves and where you can take them is probably not where they have to go.
Yes, I like this idea; I’m a travel agent and tour guide.

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