Belong or become?

Eventually politics, history and schooling are about power in Foucault’s sense; systems of thought which become controlling, socially legitimized and institutionalized.
Power and fear too easily become the dominant elements in motivation and control; the need to belong, to have our thoughts ratified, to survive in a social context of the group.
Those well-placed try to maintain the system; those handicapped or victimized by that system either try to overthrow the existing structure for one where they are empowered or they create personal identities or subcultures which give them their own identity.
Our lives are caught in the dialectical impulses of individual and social need; between conformity and self-development. Ironically, it is usually the social deviant; the shaman or the artist, that create the catalyst for progress and change.
It is those without imagination that most fear change and wish, at all cost, to limit things to the parameters of their vision and to keep things thus.
Let us never lose sight of humanity; the ability to laugh, to love and to forgive the subjectivity and frailty of our very nature.
Let us allow people to fulfil their potential and not hem them in with regulations and procedures.
Let us never put systems before people and always remember, “All dharma is a dream”.

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