A letter to my students

Breaking barriers

You have chosen to work in multimedia; the most exciting, creative quickly evolving profession that exists; its cool, it rocks and it’s endlessly challenging. It has no limits other than your own imagination.

I just got my Interactive Design annual for this year (http://www.commarts.com/CA/interactive/cai07/) and there is AMAZING stuff going on; people just doing stuff and learning as they go along – because they want to: because they have something to say and because they don’t know that you are not supposed to do it like that. Ever thought of making interactive, multimedia presentations with Flash and Video content for portable devices with Acrobat? It’s out there!

And all a round me I see people putting up rules, regulations and boundaries; procedures, limits and demarcations of territory. I see students looking dissatisfied and bored. Don’t let the system get you! Don’t let it nail you down; take the fun and humour out of it. I WILL NOT be party to making this pulsating living energy into something dry, dead and boring!

How do we get so afraid; afraid of failing, of not doing it right? I learned to ski by falling down a lot, getting up and laughing and trying again – not by spending my days doing snow ploughs behind some teacher.

I caught a glimpse of myself being a boring little fart; spouting the old exam, grade procedure shit – fuck it, let go; lets have some fun!

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