“What is most difficult for any teacher, especially a Zen teacher is to teach without teaching anything. ”If I tell you something”’ Suzuki Roshi said, “you will stick to it, and limit your own capacity to find out for yourself”. But, as Katagiri Rushi said, ‘You have to say something”, because if the teacher says nothing, the students wander about sticking to their habitual ways of being. So the temptation is to be brilliant and give out answers, yet that may simply be “gauging a wound in good flesh’, as the saying goes. Now, instead of being self-reliant, the student turns to the teacher all the more, and the teacher wonders why the students are so needy and so slow to figure thing out. However, in the presence of those teachers who give us nothing to stick to, we sense ourselves awakening. What will we do? It is called “freedom” or “liberation” – we are profoundly on our own – and profoundly connected to everything.”

” ‘Not Always So’, Shunryu Suzuki

“Believe nothing on the authority of your teachers or of the priests. After examination believe that which you have tested for yourselves and found reasonable, which is in conformity with your well-being and that of others.”

 The Buddha

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