The Grading Season…

“It is from ‘difficulties, mistakes and errors’ that we actually learn. To live life is to make a succession of errors. Understanding this can actually bring us great ease and forgiveness for ourselves and others – we are at ease with the difficulties of life.”
Jack Kornfield: ‘A Path with a Heart’

We reward them for compliance, rather than independence; for giving the answers we have taught them rather than for challenging the conclusions we have reached.”
G.E. Miller ‘Teaching and Learning in Medical Schools. Medical Education 12 Supplement 1978

“Control processes are connected to negative emotions (the so-called punishment system). Abundant research has shown that negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, irritation, shame, and guilt hinder learning because they temporarily narrow the scope of attention, cognition, and action ”
(Pekrun & Perry, 202).”

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