To the CM 410

April 26, 2012

The idea of my courses is to render you free; so you work for yourselves, not the teacher or the grade. So that you do not rest passive before the system but become independent, questioning and creative.

This requires a lot of work: more engagement and discipline. You have to be exigent with yourself. You have to be organized., rigorous and target your own aims, that will send you further and higher than those of the school system.

Always have an eye on yourself: look at your habits; where you are efficient and where you waste time or are not precise in your work or thinking. What you have mastered and what you need to learn.

I always have the impression that you are good, motivated and engaged, but that there is a lack of discipline and efficiency in many of you.

To be really good, and satisfied, you have to work on this level.

Go for it: fly!