Learning is not linear

There are three simple and central truths at the centre of learning:

“We have to shake off the ancient tyranny of two misconceptions about education; that what is taught is learned, and what is not taught is not learned.”

Daniel Federman

“Learning is not linear.”

Neil Postman

 You cannot teach something that a student does not want to learn and that the moment that a subject becomes necessary or interesting, or both, we learn amazingly fast. Being interested; understanding, means finding a connection; a spark, a link between our own notion of what the world is and what we are experiencing. If we do not find that link we have no motivation and become bored.  It is a simple truth: education means to lead out, not to stuff in.

Phillip Pulfrey

The fact that these realities are not taken into account by the educational system lead to the conclusion that, like the economic system, it is not about human good, but the control of resources by a limited minority that sell slavery as freedom and a specific vision as the only workable paradigm.

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