The aim of this course…

The aim of this course is to develop in you real thinking skills, to be able to pass “the huge wall of ‘that is how it is’”: to see beyond the limitation of self and the domination of our own ego, which would reduce the world to that limitation, and understand the relative nature of all perception so that we might replace judgement with understanding and respect:

 “The wise man knows he does not know: the fool does not know he does not know”.

Lao Tsu

This you cannot achieve unless you are able to clearly articulate what you, and others, think and the information, context and relations that give rise to it.

Creativity is the ability to see differently and play with ideas, not fix them.

The schooling system does not encourage this: it requires ‘the right answer’ and judges this, not the process of thinking, and judges the work against norms; yet truly innovative work questions, and breaks, rules and norms.

The digital world is changing the nature of thinking and knowing, yet to see this you need to be able to enter into other worlds and perceptions through a sensitive and open exploration of art and literature. Without this knowledge we remain blind to who, what and why we are, trapped in this instance of time and allowing the egotistical stupidity of domination, power and control for individualistic gratification and momentary celebrity to continue to destroy us. The biggest danger arises from those who think they have the answer.

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