To evolve…

Teaching used to be about transferring facts and techniques. In our modern world all this information is available online. However, information is not understanding, which requires structure and the building of relations between information: what becomes essential is your ability to use this information intelligently, your capacity to organize, collaborate and to think and articulate clearly for yourselves. Autonomy arises when you take yourself in hand, fix your goals and apply self-discipline and rigor: to not be manipulated by outside pressure, whether that be the power system within which you live or the social pressure to comply to certain norms. Think things through yourself and do not fall into the passivity of the seductive simplicity of formula.

To evolve you must understand the limitations of your, and everyone’s, perception that exists within a context of time, place and culture: the aim is not to judge, but to understand, and respect, different viewpoints: be able to compare realities and grow.

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