The role of a teacher might be compared with that of the conductor of an orchestra; one is not playing all the instruments but one has to create an energy, a harmony and keep the appropriate rhythm moving forward. Creating the ambiance within which each may give of his best, creating harmony between sections of the orchestra, allowing the creativity of each member while keeping the whole on course with an overall vision of the work in progress.

The balance of guidance to personal liberty is an ongoing central discourse to education and management. There is much research that indicates the best work comes from conditions of autonomy and collaboration yet mostly conditions are put in place that emphasize control and individuality.

Without structure there is no symphony; each playing alone in the corner without clear goal and with the ever increasing distraction of the telephone and computer, perhaps not even picking up the instrument.

Creating inspiration and motivation and a dynamic of energy is central to the success of a class while keeping a clear vision of where we are going alive in the class. Creating a rhythm and changing the tempo with the energy of the class and to give variety and interest that helps the class to advance. Also creating links associations that allow different instruments play together in harmony and invent their own interaction that adds richness to the orchestration.

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